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AMP Architectural Services is focused on providing high-quality service, and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We work closely with local Planning Authorities and also with Building Control (LABC Partner).

We offer a wide range of Services.

Architecture lies at the heart of AMP Architectural Services business. We have a history of designing new homes, single and double storey extensions, refurbishments, conservatory designs, change of use and conversions for a wide range of clients spanning from individuals to housing providers and private developers. Our approach stems from a concern for people and how they will use and enjoy the buildings that we create. Efficient and elegant space planning, combined with good day lighting and sun lighting, are essential characteristics of our work. 

Architectural Drawings and Model by AMP Architectural ServicesToday, these basic qualities remain central to our thinking, but we combine them with an innovative and inquiring approach to meet the more complex agendas of sustainability and modern construction techniques. We are deeply committed to developing environmentally-responsible designs and specifications for our clients buildings. Wherever possible, our designs seek to minimise pollution, conserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption. 

Unlike some consultants we offer services which will include a site visit to discuss your design requirements and to carry out a full survey of your property.

Our fees are competitive whilst still maintaining a premium service together with accurate and detailed drawings.

  • For Domestic - we do not charge on a hourly rate, instead we will quote a fee which will be fixed throughout the duration of the project even if building costs increase or revisions to drawings are required.

At AMP Architectural Services, we are fully covered (Professional Indemnity Insurance) for all designs, that includes domestic, residential and commercial projects.

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